Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grocery shopping

Now as you have already seen if you have been following our blog we have been liking the prices of trader joes for our main super market, however today I discovered something. From the time we got here we had been tole that Albertsons grocery store was way over priced by a few different people, however we checked it out today and I strongly beg to differ. Upon entering the store the first thing is said was "My God, this place is HUGE!" I walked around for a little while, I wasn't Really looking for much but every price I saw was nothing but reasonable. I was particularly happy when i got to their meat department and for the first time since arriving in Santa Fe I was able to but a steak at a price that was reminiscent of what I would pay back home. They are also currently doing a Monopoly Sweepstakes similar to the one McDonald's does every year. Specific items throughout the store have tags on them that say they will get you a game piece. Between the 4 of us we ended up with around 15 game pieces and even though we didn't win anything it is still some more incentive to go shopping sooner rather than later! The only complaint I had was that as I was leaving the parking lot the handles ripped off one of my bags and the bottle of hot sauce I had bought shattered, I'm not going to blame that on the store though, for some reason it has seemed that shopping bags have hated me this trip haha.

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